Friday, January 09, 2009

I Can See!!

Poor Lisa didn't pass her driving test, she failed on one thing. When she did the three point turn she didn't look over her left shoulder, just her right one, so she has to go through it all again. It's a pain in the bum for her & very expensive but I know she'll do it.

Elena's mouth is feeling a bit sore still and the hole in the roof of her mouth, is annoying her tongue, but she was a good girl & still went to school.

I have finally got my new glasses today and I have to say they are wonderful. I can actually read now and demonstrated my new found talent by reading the small print on the back of a packet of Beef Savory Rice to Andrew lol. I'm not sure if they look nice or not although everyone has told me they look OK. I don't really care that much as long as I can see. Elena & I went to have our hair trimmed at the hairdressers afterwards and now we are all sorted. Just have to parcel up the bits & pieces Teresa's boys left behind and my jobs list is up to date, for now anyway.

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Teresa said...

Wow how busy you have all been since we left you!

I haven't been ignoring you, i just haven't wanted to go on the laptop. We have been cleaning house and planning what jobs to do next in it. I started cooking dinner again, not that i didn't cook before but it was just quick, bung it in the oven stuff. Now we are back to proper meals and everyone is happy.

I did have to laugh at you with no leccy though. PMSL at all your excuses (especially the not having breakfast one!)

I thought about Lisa yesterday, i'm so sorry that she didn't pass, but like you said, rarely anyone passes first time now. I think your also right for the reasons why too. Its just not fair is it? send her our love and tell her it'll be second time lucky (oh and to wear a short skirt, so the instructors distracted PMSL)

Give brave Elena a big kiss and a squidge from me for being so brave. What a little soldier for still going to school when she felt sore too.

Gonna go now and have a look whats on at the pictures cos mum is babysitting fro us and Nik is taking me to watch a movie and the a meal too!!

Love to you all and thanks for a great time and looking after us so well. We owe you one!

Love you all lots

Teresa & the gang