Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nerves are a Plenty

Carrying on from yesterday, the electrician has to come back at some point to finish the new fuse box. Apparently there's a fault with one of the downstairs lights and it keeps tripping the switch out. I did suggest that it could be the one in the dining room as it flickers on & off sometimes, for no apparent reason. Lisa suggested it might be the kitchen one as a few years back we had a small flood and part of the ceiling came down. She recalled the time that Elena thought the shower base was a bath & bunged it up until the water escaped over the sides, through the floor and down the kitchen wall, lol. It will get sorted at some point in the near future, I'm sure.

This afternoon, I have to take Elena to the dentist, to have the tooth out that's growing in the roof of her mouth. I'm not looking forward to it but it must be done. I think the kids at school have been telling her of the horrors that are injections, but I have convinced her that the dentist, rather than the hospital, is the best option. Not only that she will get money for being so brave ;O)

Lisa's really nervous today too as she is taking her driving test tomorrow. She really wants to pass and will be so upset if she doesn't. The odds on her passing first time are pretty slim in this day and age though. Not because she isn't any good, because she is. It's just that the driving examiners seem to make people sit more than one test now. They must have their reasons and I suspect one is to get more money??!! She's still working really hard on all her essays for Uni. She's been typing an average of 500 words a day and she now only has one more essay to do.

We're back from the dentist and Elena is now toothless. Well not literally, just one tooth less. Here are the photos to prove it. Anyone with a squeamish disposition should look away now lol. She was very brave. She's still numb but recuperating nicely.

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