Saturday, January 31, 2009

Knobs, Books & Hard Drive.

Lisa showed me how to download a book last night & import it into my itunes so I can listen to it on my ipod. We bought the first 2 books in the series of Twilight for Andrew's Mum & since being recommended by SusieB, I've wanted to read them. Liam's been trying to sort out my hard drive this morning but unfortunately he can't. I'll have to take it to the shop for them to sort out. I'm a bit gutted about it because it contains all my photos, so as long as they can rescue those, I'll be happy. Sam stayed last night, so this afternoon every one's been playing on the Wii Fit. A competition has arisen with the Hula Hula game. Liam is in the lead at the moment but it won't last lol. Elena & I are going to practice like mad when they have all gone back to Uni. We've had Skateboard Steve & his girlfriend round after dinner too as well as Gemma & Matt. Gem came round to use the washing machine & tumble drier.

Andrew's been finishing off the painting in the utility room & fitting new door knobs, so all that needs to be done tomorrow is the cupboard doors and then I can put everything back in the cupboards :O)

No 20. of 365
A view of my new utility room :O)

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