Friday, January 30, 2009

Love Thy Neighbour?

Last night Andrew took the doors off the fridge and we wheeled it through the dining room, hall & kitchen into the utility room with ease. It didn't look as bad as I thought it might, in fact I think it's pretty snazzy :O) The thing I like about it most of all isn't the cold water or the ice dispenser it's this ...

No. 19 of 365It's the egg rack :O) We go through loads but our old fridge never had enough egg holders to hold them all.

We did have to laugh though at the name on the door SAMSUNG. Obviously it's the make but it's also what Sam does every time he's with us ~ sing! Not ordinary singing more like Barry Gibb in Saturday Night Fever type singing and it's hilarious :O)

This morning Antonia & her mum moved out next door and another family moved in. I wasn't that bothered as we've always been lucky with our neighbours & got on with all of them. Then Gemma said they looked like chavs & they are taking a drum kit into the house! I still wasn't too bothered and tried not to judge them. Then Elena came home from school a bit upset. She said the boy who was moving in next door was the school bully & he's always being expelled (OMG). By then I was getting a bit worried. Tonight Lisa came in from her driving lesson laughing. She asked me if I had called the police about them already? The police were next door confiscating the drum kit!!! Heaven help us.

Poor Gemma hasn't been having a very good day today. Her & Matt went to the bank and called at Morrison's on the way back. An old man in a huge estate car pulled in the parking space next to them and scraped the side of Gem's car from the back door right to the front. Poor thing.

On a brighter note, Liam, Lisa & Sam are back from Uni for the weekend so we've had loads of cuddles. We've caught up with all the news and sat down to eat the gorgeous Cottage Pie that Andrew cooked (with vegetables on the side, yum). Lisa had a driving lesson tonight as she has another driving test on Monday. Sandy (Lisa's driving instructor) bought round a box that she had taken delivery of, for us (Sandy is our next door neighbour too and she's lovely). It was the Wii Fit :O) So we've all had a go, got our BMI readings and made a plan of how much exercise/ weight loss we want to achieve. Our goal is to lose a stone in weight before we go to the Maldives ~ watch this space lol.


Gemma said...

OMG Mum!!!!!Police already after a few hours, oh well must give them a chance I suppose.

Will definitely have to come round and have a go on the wii fit.

Love you lots. xxx

Gemma said...

Just found this website ...

I Googled books similar to Harry Potter and it came up with this. Inkheart is based on a book, a trilogy by Cornelia Funke. Inkheart, Inkspell & Inkdeath!