Sunday, February 01, 2009

Snowmen & Snowballs

Way hey it's snowing :O) Look how much we've had ...Well, OK, not much yet, but give it a few days. I hope it doesn't put too much down until Lisa's finished her driving test tomorrow but then, afterwards, it can go drop the north pole on us if it wants too. Over the next few days it's supposed to be the worst (or best depending on the way you look at it) snow Britain has seen for 20 years. Elena wants to have a snowball fight because she's never had one before & I want to make a snowman with her ... OMG we're going to have so much fun!! I hope it lives up to expectations.

Lisa, Liam & Sam stayed for tea tonight. Andrew cooked another cracking roast dinner yum, with Liam's favourite for pudding ~ syrup sponge & custard. Of course this meant another half hour on the Wii Fit to burn off all the excess calories lol. My favourite exercise is the stepping board (think very easy dance mat). Mind you I say easy, I'm going to have to improve my foot eye coordination because for some reason, it's rubbish. There are 4 colours to get to grips with, one colour for each different movement. That's hard enough but throw in the 'clapping in time to the music' & I lose all sense of my legs??? Don't even get me started on about the slalom skiing ROFL.

Liam & Sam have been in fierce competition with the ski jump. Eddie the Eagle Edwards watch out!!! All I'm saying is keep your eyes peeled at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, 2010 ;O)

Elena has been on the Wii Fit on & off for most of the day, just hope she can walk tomorrow. She loves the running which is quite surprising really as she's done nothing but moan for the last few weeks about the cross country the PE teacher's made them do. (If she's happy doing it it can't be bad can it.) The funniest thing about it is the Mii's you see on the way. Dan's Mii, complete with beanie hat, keeps popping up every now and then and is so clumsy. It's quite entertaining every time he falls down or runs into something, it really takes your mind off what you're doing lol.

Andrew's still been working in the utility room sorting the shelves out. The kettle & tea making stuff is now in place next to the fridge & the cups are above in the small cupboard. The kettle's been descaled and looks like new again. It won't be long before the limescale is back though as the water is so hard around here, but for now it's sparkling. The colour scheme has ivolved from plain white to black, white & stainless steel with a hint of blue. Obviously a 'man's kitchen' ;O)

I've been at work all day and kept relatively busy. Had a bit of a lull this afternoon so caught up with Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. I'm so pleased it's back on, he's such a star. The new computer program is coming along nicely, a bit on the slow side but hey. Apart from that all's well.

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