Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date.

Lisa's photos from the Fairytale Fez :O)
Lisa AKA the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland & no, she wasn't late lol.Lisa & Abby (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz)Lisa & Emily (Minnie Mouse)

It will soon be Gemma & Lisa's birthdays, where does the time go? Lisa has hers all organised. She is coming home for the weekend with all her friends from Uni and they all want to sample Andrew's roast Chicken dinner with homemade sausage stuffing. I'm presuming it will be syrup sponge & custard for pudding although I think profiter rolls & birthday cake might be a better choice??? I know Abby is staying with us but I'm not sure about the others. There's plenty of room for them all but I think we may need ear plugs lol.

Not done that much today. Paid some bills, phoned the doctors to organize some holiday jabs and bought about 20 different cards. The cards range from Valentine cards to 21st birthday cards to leaving cards. It's in an effort to get organised lol.

Spent the afternoon with Gemma. We got talking about holidays and Gem said we are going to be black when we come back. Then we started laughing because we remembered what Elena said. I was telling her about the beach bungalow we are going to stop in and how it has an outside bathroom. A look of horror crossed her face and she said there was no way she was having a bath when everyone could see her as they walked passed ROFL. I explained that the bathroom would have walls but no roof so she would be OK :O) You just have to love the way kids minds work :O)

No.17 of 365
It's really strange when there's only Andrew, me & Elena in the house.

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