Thursday, January 29, 2009


It was another uneventful day at work today. Well, unless you count the telling off I gave Nicky for not replacing the battery in her smoke alarm at home. (This has been going on for 2 weeks now). She promised me that she would sort it out tonight! If you're reading this PLEASE make sure your smoke alarms work :O)

Got home from work and non of the sockets worked downstairs. Checked the fuse box and one of the switches had tripped out. Reset it and put the kettle on and the flippin thing went again. Thought it might be the kettle so unplugged it and reset the trip. Just walked out of the kitchen and there was an almighty bang in the utility room and the trip switch tripped out again. The culprit ... Andrew's new socket. He had replaced the sockets with new ones last night but the wire in one of them had split, causing the trip switch to activate. God you just have to love safety devices don't you :O) Andrew's now rewired the socket so all is well tonight :O) Anyway the utility room is nearly done. One more coat of emulsion and some cupboard doors & the jobs a good'un. Mind you I could have done with a bigger fridge after the trip to Tesco tonight lol, it won't be long now :O)

No. 18 of 365My rearview mirror ;O)

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