Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Musical Appliances

Poor Elena is really tired since she started back at school yesterday. It's not that she's been going to bed late or anything like that, she's got a cough. One of those tickly coughs that drives you mad. She sounds like a dog barking & it keeps her awake most of the night. I've suggested ear plugs so she can't hear herself coughing, but she didn't find that funny, she must be tired.

Tomorrow the electrician is coming at something stupid o'clock, to upgrade the fuse box. Good job I've been in a tidying up/sorting out/getting rid of all the cr*p mood, cos if he had tried getting in the under stairs cupboard a month ago, he would never have found his way out lol. Luckily for him, there is only a few coats, the hoover, ironing board, dressing up box etc. under there now. Well I say it's in there, I've just moved it all out so he can see what he's doing. Elena in the under stairs cupboard.The big problem I have with him doing it is that it's my day off. I won't have any electric until he's finished! No heating, no kettle, no computer, no radio, no nothing and it's the coldest week of the year -6o OMG!!!! I'm just going to have to get in bed with Lisa & Liam, there's nothing else for it lol.

Last night Liam helped Andrew move the chest freezer from the utility room to the garage to make room for the fridge. OMG you should have seen the muck underneath! I think a lot of it was saw dust from Monkey the hamster's house, or that's what I'm telling myself *cough*. We are playing musical kitchen appliances at the moment don't you know. Mind you I still haven't got a delivery date for the enormous fridge freezer we ordered from John Lewis. Must give them a ring to see what's happening.

I must phone the opticians tomorrow to see where my glasses have got to too!?? Working for a living takes up too much free time doesn't it!!!

I got in from work this afternoon & Gem had let her self in and made a cup of tea for me. She's a good un. She's made herself a CV which she bought round for me to look at. Apart from adding a couple of things she'd done a brilliant job. I just hope she finds a new job soon. She's a hard worker and an asset to any company.

Andrew cooked us a fry up tonight. I say fry up, most of it was grilled apart from the eggs. He really is Superman :O) What have Lisa & Liam been doing?

Well Liam is on an Xbox marathon & Lisa has been doing work, work & more work in between attending the allergy clinic (she isn't allergic to anything, it's a trial she's been part of since she was a baby) and driving lessons.

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