Monday, February 02, 2009

Crisps, Snow & Body Candy

After saying goodbye to Liam & Sam this morning & wishing Lisa good luck for her driving test, I went to work. A parcel greeted me on my desk from Kerri. She had been shopping with Nicky on the mainland the day before and had visited her favourite shop. She bought me a souvenir lol. We had a laugh of course. Another of my favourite moments in our busy work schedule this morning was the tasting of the new flavours of Walkers crisps. Not sure Cajun Squirrel flavour will catch on?? I didn't like them (I'm not a great lover of crisps) but I had to try them. They tasted like the Saveloy's you get from the chip shop. Then we had ...Again not nice. Think Palma Violet sweets, you know the purple ones that look like refreshers only savory ~ yuk! So we just have four flavours to try, Onion Bhaji, Chili & Chocolate, Builders Breakfast & Fish & Chips.

Most of the snow from last night had disappeared but it did start again mid morning.
The view from the kitchen window at work

Not long afterwards Liam phoned to ask if he could come back & stay another night as he had got to the mainland and couldn't go any further. Although the weather wasn't bad here, over in Portsmouth the snow was pretty deep & had stopped all forms of public transportation. The Universities were shut so he had to turn back.

Lisa didn't pass her driving test even though the instructor said she was up to standard. She made a mistake as she was going through Newport so he couldn't pass her? Nothing keeps her down for very long and was soon out in the garden trying to make a snowman lol.Elena came home from school raring to go on the Wii Fit & soon joined Gemma in the front room :O) Gemma was complaining of a sore back & on investigation we think she has shingles. She's off to the doctor's tomorrow to find out. I wouldn't be surprised if it is because she has been pretty stressed lately with losing her job etc. She stayed with us for tea which was lovely.

Look what I found on the interweb. I've ordered one for the new kitchen :O) It's a tea bag bin!! No more old pot noodle pots full of used tea bags ~ yay!

No. 21 of 365
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

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