Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Poor Andrew's been really struggling today. He built the housing for the oven using the instructions in the booklet but there was a huge gap at the top, so undefeated he tried again. Took it all apart and rebuilt it. By this time it was tea time and he was tired. It looked brilliant until (oh no) it wasn't in line with the hob. He was so annoyed, but where I would have given up & thrown it through the nearest window he carried on. He took it all apart for a second time and built it again. He is so clever & wonderful & patient & everything you ever want in a man ~ I love him so much :O) Superman extraordinaire!!!

Talking of love, happy Valentines Day. Hope everyone has had a day full of love & romance. I bought Andrew a card & he bought me a card & not just one, but two boxes of chocolates. The problem is I will have to work twice as hard on the Wii fit now *grin*. Not only that we both had a huge card from Elena, how lovely is that. Inside she wrote ... To Mum & Dad, have a great day, love you both lots & lots love from Elena xxx

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Kerrie said...

Andrews fab, I would have thrown that hob into orbit!