Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's A Hard Life

Sometimes it takes me a few moments just to realise how hard my life is. Take today for example, while Andrew was out at work after working on the kitchen until 10:30 again last night & Gemma was painting the under stairs cupboard, (well she has to pay for her board & lodgings doesn't she lol), I have had the impossible task of entertaining Elena. It's been soooo difficult ;O) First we just HAD to go to Shanklin to find her a rash vest for holidays. I can't have her getting sun burnt like she did in Jamaica can I. Then we decided to have a walk along the sea front, it was so sunny & warm. Even the gulls were sun bathing.Luckily one of the beach shops were open as we needed to buy 3 lilo's, again for our holiday. We are so used to being spoilt with 3" comfy cushions on the sun beds & yellow rubber rings to float around in, that we thought a lilo each would be a good alternativeAfter a trip to Morrisons & lunch I HAD to sit through the new Disney film, Bolt in 3D at the cinema in Newport. See what I mean, I have SUCH a hard life lol. Great news tonight, Liam (the clever thing that he is) has passed all his exams!!!
Well done Liam xXx

Lisa has been telling us what she has planned for her birthday weekend. It sounds fab & I can't wait to see everyone. Lisa, Liam, Sam, Abbie, Katie & Emily are going to sleep over on Friday night & they are all having a birthday roast dinner on the Sunday :O)

This week at Uni they decided to cook more colourful food, so last night Abbie cooked green rice lol. Tonight Lisa cooked beef & ale casserole with pink dumplings! I think we should all take a leaf out of their book don't you :O)

I can't go without showing you another sexy pose from Andrew ;O) To be fair I did catch him unaware. And just one more just for Lisa. I daren't even show you the conservatory :O)


Kerrie said...

Hi you lovin the fact you are getting into that shopping, we'll make a shopper out of you yet. Not sure about the pink dumplings though. I think they look a bit like bath bombs. Can't wait till Thursday. XX

Teresa said...

OMG! You do have a hard life don't you?

Elena looks lovely in her top. Has she lost a little weight? she looks very slim! Pink is definately her colour :O)

I agree with Kerrie the dumplings look a bit odd in pink LOL but its good to experiment. Well done Lisa!

Bless Gemma, she is wonderful. Does she want to come and do some painting for me? LOL I could definately keep her busy.

Tell Andrew he is doing a fantastic job and the kitchen is looking fantastic!

You best put your feet up after all your hard work today, else you'll not have the energy to stir your tea tomorrow PMSL!

Love you

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerrie said...

P.S after reading my blog Colin says he will NEVER eat fish at your house.