Monday, February 23, 2009

How Big?

Last night, whilst doing a bit of surfing, I came across a website all about the Island we are visiting in April - Summer Island Village. It's only 500m long & 120m wide lol. That's not very big is it when you consider 25m is the length of a normal swimming pool. Kerri's wondering what the heck we're going to do for two weeks on an Island that big but I have a plan. I'm going to smuggle a saw & some string in my suitcase, so if I get bored I can have a go at either building a raft or making a tree house ~ Robinson Crusoe style :O) To be honest, I can't remember the last time I was ever bored so I'm sure we're going to be fine. We can walk round the Island clockwise & anti clockwise. Swim round it, Kayak round it and even sail a catamaran round it. There are books to read & games to play so it will be pure quality time. I may even have another go at snorkeling but then again I might just leave that to Andrew & Elena. At least I have the chance to fulfill one of my lifetime ambitions ... to sit on a beach with Andrew & watch the sunset over the sea ~ awwww.

I've been reading with interest about all the problems the Islands face. Every drop of fresh water has to be produced by a fresh water plant on each Island. Fresh water is the Islands most valued commodity & something we take for granted every day. No wonder they don't want to supply an endless amount of beach towels like they do in the Caribbean. Another problem they face is rubbish. What do they do with all the rubbish? Well the only thing they can do is burn it so they ask you to take your empty shampoo & sun tan cream bottles home with you so at least they can be recycled. But enough of that, have a look at these :O) I can't wait.

Been to work today for the first time after having a week off. It's a good job Kerri & Nicky are there (although it's Nicky's last day on Thursday) because the rest of it is pants. Nothing works properly and we've still only got a computer program that works up until 23rd Sept! We've improvised today and entered all the September & October bookings in January & February. If that seems confusing to you just think what it's like trying to work in that situation. We're going to make it limp along this year I suppose & try and not let it get us down because next year, if we haven't got a computer programme, we can't take ANY bookings :O)

Right I'm off to do some more housework & then settle down to watch Who Do You Think You Are ~ nighty night x

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Kerrie said...

Ow my god I am feeling nuts just looking at the relaxation. Colin has just said he can do the whole thing much cheaper for you. It involves a hut from B&Q and Sandown beach. He says he will personally make sure no one comes near you for a fortnight and the whole holiday package including catering ( which I think may be Pot Noodle ) and entertainment ( a fish slice ) for $1000.
P.S I agree our work place is very pants at the moment, the people are it's only redeaming feature and thats only a few.
Big Kiss x and one for Andrew x