Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

I think spring has sprung :O) Came home today from Newport and as I walked into the garden I noticed all the lovely miniature spring flowers brightening up the front porch. Even the catkins on the corkscrew hazel are out too. While I was in H&M trying on a sea green/blue cardigan that will go nicely with the dress I bought a few weeks back, my mobile rang. It was Lisa who told me, very excitedly, that she's got the Hall Rep job next year. Not only that, Abby & Katie, her best friends, will be in the same halls but on different floors. A hall rep looks after the 1st year students and show them what's what. For the girls it means a place to live without the extortionate costs they have had to endure this year. She was so happy & so excited about it all. I love the way she shares all her emotions with us, not just the down times. Two more sleeps and she'll be back so I can hug her to death :O)

Gemma's been busy for the past couple of weeks making the most brilliant birthday present for her. I hope she likes it, I'm sure she will.

Elena's feeling a bit sore today. Last night I took her to the doctors for some injections. One was a booster for Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio the other was a holiday jab for Typhoid. The Typhoid one really stings and still hurts the next day but then it's OK. She was really brave and said she thought it was worth it to go on holiday even though she feels like a pin cushion. Talking of holidays & being poorly, Auntie Mal (Dad's youngest sister) is doing really well. A few weeks ago it was touch & go whether she would make it or not but now she's over the worst of her illness and has been let home. She was in hospital for 2 months and still has to go back 3 times a week. She can walk 'like a 90 year old' (her words not mine) using 2 sticks but most of the time she's in a wheelchair. She's still incontinent & will never drive again but she doesn't care. The doctors have said her positive attitude helped her speedy recovery and I think she's just so grateful she's still alive. Her husband has built a ramp so she can get in and out of the house and she has a bed downstairs. Luckily they had a shower room downstairs too so she's sorted.

Andrew's Mum is doing well too after her heart attack. She's getting out more and doing some exercise everyday which wasn't happening before. Andrew phones her every night to see how she is and she seems quite happy.

Andrew is in love with his new cooker. He doesn't love it as much as his iPod but it's a very close second. Yes Teresa, I think his food is even tastier if that could be possible. I know it seems much easier to cook with & it's definitely easier to clean! So we're all happy :O)

Last but not least, yesterday I found a new cousin, Leanne! Well, she found me really. Her great great grandmother, Harriett Lilley was the sister of my great great grandmother Eliza(beth) Lilley. Elizabeth married Henry Eastland in Margate, Kent in 1840. So we share our 3 x great grandparents William & Elizabeth Lilley. A few weeks ago another cousin Alan, contacted me about the same family. His great grandmother was Henry Eastland's sister. We didn't agree about the parents of Henry Eastland, I had one set of parents & he had a completely different couple. Mine are the right ones of course ~ hopefully ;O)

For fans of the new Cadbury advert with the kids & their crazy eyebrows, check this out :O)
It's in the clips underneath the main photo :O)

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Kerrie said...

It's looking very springy at your house. Can you tell sping toget sprung round at my hoouse as well.