Saturday, February 28, 2009

Max & The Mr Men

Every shop we go in now, we are instantly drawn to the pink baby section. Teresa's little girl is due in about 19-20 weeks and we can't wait. (These are the times when I wished we didn't live so far away *tuts*)

I know she's been buying lots of things for her, which is understandable when you have 4 boys already. I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation either, especially when there are so many gorgeous pink clothes around :O) So we played safe the other day & chose a pack of 3 little baby grows. We couldn't resist getting them out of the packet just to see how tiny they were.

I couldn't send them without finding something for Max, so knowing how much he adores Mr Men I sent him some cookie cutters. I've pinched these photos from Teresa's blog because I think they are fab. How much cuter can Max get :O) Mmmm don't they look fabulous. Someone is very good at icing Teresa :O)

Everyone slept at our house last night after their evening out apart from Gemma who stayed at Matt's & Katie who slept at her brother's. I have no idea what time they finally got home because they didn't wake me up, which is all I asked for. They all had a great time which is all that matters :O) This morning Lisa was first up so we sat in the dining room watching the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special on Liam's laptop. By the end of the programme everyone was up although non of us were dressed. We all sat round chatting & laughing like we'd just woken up from a pyjama party lol. By middle morning we were all dressed, fed & watered when Sam showed me a website he'd found full of puzzle games like name all the American states in 10 minutes or the countries of Europe. It was like a game of Universally Challenged :O)

They've all gone out now, taken Abby to the Garlic Farm and then on to Katie's house for tea. They'll be back tomorrow because it's Lisa's birthday. OMG she'll be 20! Where has all that time gone?


Teresa said...

I've only got 18 weeks left! Don't you be adding me any more on *tuts*

The photos of Max are fab aren't they? He's turning into a little Andrew in the kitchen. He looked really cute in my spare pinny too!

Glad you're all having a fab time (wish i could come to the pjama party).

Lots of love

Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerrie said...

I know what you mean. I don't think even I can resist the lure of litle pink things.( and it's shopping ). It sounds like you have had a lovely time with everyone there. The photos of the girls are really lovely ones. you are really lucky to have such lovely girls. xxx