Friday, February 27, 2009

The Youth Of Today

There are so many horrible things said about the youth of today. As always the few spoil it for the rest of them. The news readers tell you of stabbings and muggings and threats carried out by young people but they don't tell you about the rest of them. The ones that work hard, take their shoes off at the door and say thank you for the food they've just eaten. All these young people are so fabulous, full of spirit & life, amazingly funny and just the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I love them all :O) So please remember when you moan about the youth of today, the majority are like this wonderful lot :O)
Abby, Gemma, Liam, Emily, Elena, Katie, Lisa, Sam Katie, Gemma, Abbie, Lisa, Elena, Emily

Everyone has come home this weekend for Lisa's birthday on Sunday. They've all gone to Bogies Night Club tonight as the start of the celebrations. The girls (from Uni) bought Lisa a whistle and a badge to wear lol. After a feast of Andrew's gorgeous Shepherds Pie followed by an amazing Key lime Pie made by Gemma, the girls got ready to go out. The boys were ready in 5 mins so sat downstairs listening to music. I promissed myself, each time the 3 girls were together I would get a photo. So true to my word here are the 3 most beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful girls that ever lived and I love them as big as the world xXx

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Teresa said...

ooooh its a busy weekend for you all then LOL but i know everything will be under control cos your just the best!Sounds like your all having a great time. What a fab bunch of 'kids' (i know they're adults but everyone younger than me has to be a kid LOL). I love the photo of the three beautiful ladies (i'm pinching it for my album, hope you don't mind)I love Gemma's hair like that, it really suits her. Tell Lisa and Gemma to have fantastic birthdays and that i'm sending lots of love and kisses for all three of them :O)

The postie came today and bought me a parcel. Thank you so much for the wonderful babygrows and the cookie cutter. Max loved them and we have made Mr Men Gingerbread (see my blog for photos)

Love you all lots and lots

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx