Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dr Frank Furter

Number seven on my bucket list is to watch the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Well last night I did just that. My favourite character was Dr Frank Furter lol. I was amazed how much Tim Curry suited that colour of lipstick & I have to say he was much better at walking in high heels than me lol! It certainly is as weird film and nothing that I would sit through again but I am glad I've seen it. Mind you it's not the weirdest film I've ever watched, the number one spot still goes to Tom Cruise in 'Vanilla Sky'!I'm still trying to convert some Tesco club card vouchers into deals and have decided to post the remainder to them. As soon as they come back we're going to book two weeks at the Quality Inn on International Drive, Orlando with Virgin. It seems to have everything we need, Air Con, fridge, etc. & has been recommended to us by 2 friends so it can't be bad.

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