Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yet More Comic Relief

We watched Comic Relief last night and it made me cry. Not through laughter but through sadness. Did you know 1 in 8 women in Africa die in childbirth, 1 in 8!!! The bit that upset me the most though was the report by Annie Lennox. She interviewed a 15 year old African boy who's grandparents were dead & both parents had died of aids. He had been left to look after himself & his 3 younger brothers, the youngest of which was only 3 years old. He hadn't enough food to stop them being hungry most of the time. I took one look at Elena (who will be 15 this year) & thought how incredibly lucky we are. I gave some more money.

Not a lot's happened today. Been at work this morning, then this afternoon Andrew & I went a walk to Shanklin & back. The sun was gorgeous & the birds were singing at the top of their voices. The sea was gently lapping up against the revetment wall & there was a strong smell of wild garlic from Winchester House right down past the Hideaway cafe. Lots of people were out walking their dogs & painting beach huts etc. & Andrew & I put the world to rights. Paradise.

Roast lamb dinner for tea & then we can watch the final of the Comic Relief dancing. I want Paddy & Kieth who are dancing to Dirty Dancing's 'I Had The Time Of My Life' to win & the Bill's 'Riverdance' to come second :O)

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Teresa said...

Hi Honey :O)

Just caught up with your blog. We have been mad busy over the last two weeks (check out my updated blog for more info)so i haven't been on the laptop much.

I wish i were coming on hols with you. It sounds absolutely fab and i am so jealous (in a nice way though).

I just laughed my socks off at the dirty dancing clip on your blog. How flippin funny were they and so good at it too!!

The baby kicks like a footballer now and i love feeling the movements as its reasuring and tells me its ok. I'm 24 weeks now so, just 16 more weeks left to go. It'll soon fly by though, won't it?

Give Gemma my congratulations and a big hug and kiss for getting her new job! I was really excited to hear all about it.

Love you all lots

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx