Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lens, Hamsters & Sore Throats

Goodness me it's Thursday already, where does the time go?

Not much has happened this week apart from having heart attack on Tuesday evening when the lens fell out of my glasses. Luckily Jim'll fix it was in (Andrew) and he managed to screw the lens back in. Got up on Wednesday morning with the intention of visiting the opticians in Shanklin & it came out again. This time Andrew had gone to work and as I was as blind as a bat without them, thought it would be best to walk down to the opticians in Lake rather than drive the bus. The optician very kindly fixed them again for me so I breathed a sigh of relief and started on my list of jobs to do before work. Posted Max's birthday card & present (it's his birthday tomorrow :O)) Went to Shanklin to pick up Andrew's prescription and then drove to B&Q in Newport to buy two new planters for outside the back door. Decided I had enough time left for a quick mooch around Matalan. As I went round the shop the lens fell out again. Panic ensued as I scrambled round the floor trying to feel for the lens. I hope they weren't watching me on their CCTV! ROFL I managed to use the other lens in my glasses to find Andrews phone number on the phone. My knight in shining armour (OK a suit & a silver Fiat Punto) came to my rescue with a screw driver from work & fixed them yet again. I drove straight to the opticians in Shanklin where Steve glued & screwed them and, touch wood, all is now well. I just made it into work for 1pm.

Elena's been ill for the past couple of days with a really sore throat & a cold. She's lost her voice, I've looked everywhere but haven't found it yet ;O) She's had a really high temperature with it so it must be one of those horrible viral infections. Better this week I suppose, than when we're on holiday. (10 more sleeps to go).

Monkey the hamster has been feeling under the weather too. A couple of days ago he started squeaking all the time, something he never does. We googled the symptoms which said he could be hungry, thirsty or cold. He always has plenty of food & fresh water but we do keep the back door open sometimes and although it's been gorgeous weather, the wind has been pretty cold out of the sunshine. We were wondering if this may be the cause so we've moved him into the dining room. We took him to the vets too just to be on the safe side and they gave him some antibiotics. Both the lady vet & the assistant were ooooing and arrring over him. He really is the cutest hamster you have ever seen and so placid. He's been much better this last couple of days so hopefully he'll be fine now. The vet did point out to us that 2 years was a long time for a hamster to live & that he must be very old now. I'm sure we will have him for a bit longer yet :O)


Teresa said...

Hi Honey :O)

Just caught up with your blog. Can't believe you've only got 10 sleeps till your hols!!

Poor old Elena (must be quiet in your house!)I hope she isn't suffering too much and is on the road to recovery. Tell her i said she needs to stay off school and drink lots of coca cola and eat tonnes of chocolate!!

Sounds like you've had a bit of a nightmare with your glasses, make sure you take a little screwdriver on your hols incase it happens while your away. Hopefully you've got it sorted now though.

The postman came this morning and left us a parcel from you, thanks sweetie :O) Max is getting really excited about tomorrow and also about Saturday (his party) I can't believe my little baby is nearly three!!! Where did all the time go?

I promise i will update my blog over the weekend, maybe Sunday when all the excitement is over.

We have dug out all the footings for the extension and the cement is coming in the morning, its Max's birthday tomorrow and i have all the party shopping to do and Saturday is his party so we'll be a bit busy over the next few days.

Give my love to everyone and Max sends a big squishy kiss to you all for his present and card.

Lots of love

Teresa xxxxxxxxxx

Kerrie said...

Ah you should have gone to spec savers! Sorry couldn't resist that! The same thing happened to my brother in law, Chris, only he was at work leaning over a chemical vat and when he stood up he thought he had gone blind. He had to wait three months until they drained the vat but he said the lenses were perfect when he got them back.