Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 12th April

At breakfast this morning we were greeted by a plate of cake, sweets & a coloured egg ~ Happy Easter. How thoughtful of the Maldivians considering they are Muslim & how typically British not to know any of their customs & beliefs.

Guess what, we’ve seen Dood’s today :O) If you’ve seen Finding Nemo you’ll know what I’m talking about ~ sea turtles :O) These are in the turtle nursery and are 3 months old. Their mother laid her eggs here on the beach of Summer Island & to make sure some survived, some of the hatchlings were bought to the nursery. When they are big enough they will be released back into the sea.

Give Andrew some bread and he will grin from ear to ear. Give him a bag of crusts & he’s like a kid at Christmas. He adores feeding the fish. Look at this one, we’ve named him the ugly fish. He’s so ugly he’s cute. He’s quite shy though which I’m very pleased about because you should see the size of his teeth.

Andrew & Elena went on one of the snorkelling trips this morning. They moored off one of the islands we can see from the bungalow and had to jump off the side of the boat. Rather them than me lol. They saw a lot of the same fish you can see around the Summer Island reefs plus some starfish, black sea urchins & a yellow butterfly fish with a long black nose. Not sure what type this is though lol.While they were gone, I hid some plastic Easter eggs I’d bought with us, around the bungalow for Elena to find. She loved it.

Andrew’s learning how to dive this afternoon ~ another thing to cross off his bucket list :O)He came back with a coat hanger in his mouth. Not literally, he was just grinning from ear to ear. He thought it was brilliant. He swam (or dived) with the rays which he loved & saw a lion fish! I asked him how he knew it was a lion fish and he said it was just lying (lion) around, bum, bum :O)

Goodness me it’s really hot, really, really, really hot. Not that surprising when you’re only 4 degrees north of the Equator I suppose.

Today’s Maldivian word is Shakrea ~ thank you.

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Teresa said...

OMG! You've really had the best fun, haven't you? Wish i could have been there too but i'm sure i would have moaned about the heat LOL but i would have loved the diving and snorkeling.

What a beautiful place, will you be saving to go back again?

I love that you did a handwritten blog. I really feel like i'm sharing your holiday with you and keep checking for the next update :O)

Love you all lots

Teresa xxxxxxxx