Friday, April 24, 2009

Star Gazing

Monday 13th April

For the first time, since one fateful trip to the Caves of Drac on our Majorcan honeymoon, the sun has got to me. Not so much the sun but the heat & humidity. Not like me at all. I’m sat here wondering, if I melted, would Andrew have a big enough container to carry me home in? lol. I’m sat inside with the air con turned down to 25 degrees drinking pineapple juice for England. Normal blog posts will resume shortly (or when this piggin head aches gone).

Tuesday 14th April

Feeling much better today :O) So to catch up ... Yesterday, Andrew went for another diving lesson. An hour and a half later he surfaced with an even bigger grin on his face than the day before. He'd dived to 20 metres & the visibility was amazing. He'd seen a ship wreck (well speed boat sized boat) & of course lots & lots of fish.

Elena has been reading the Spiderwick Chronicles & has finished all 5 books.I went to the Serena Spa last night & had my legs, ankles & feet massaged. I had to lie down on my back with a towel over my eyes. All the windows were open so a lovely cool breeze was blowing in & you could here the waves below. With the darkness, the scent of the oils & the soothing Indian Sitar music I was transported to a place of total relaxation, it was pure heaven. I'm so pleased I saved my birthday money from my Mum & Dad :O) Andrew's treating me to another pampering session but this time I'm going to have my shoulders & head massaged, I can't wait. Today Andrew & Elena went on another snorkeling trip, this time they saw a weird looking parrot fish. On the wall just outside the reception are 3 big posters showing the more common fish you can spot around the reefs. We check it whenever we've seen something new, hence the photograph :O)

Andrew's been in the sea so much today his fingers are wrinkled. The water is so warm the only reason you get out is because you've either had enough or that you are as wrinkled as a prune.

This side of the island has been sunny & really calm today but when Andrew & Elena went on their trip it was quite windy & the sea was choppy. Elena said it was great, just like being on a roller coaster (again I say, better them than me lol).

While they were gone I had a wander around the Island. It's as wide as the distance between our house & Laura's over the road and I'm sure it's not even as long as the road we live on. At one end (the wider end) is the restaurant, bar, reception, spa, coffee shop & gift shop. (The most expensive shop in the world I think. A small book on fish was $40.) At the other end are the diving school, water sports centre & water bungalows.We've been finding shells & Elena found a gorgeous one today & so did Andrew. We put them back in the sea afterwards as they were homes to sea creatures. Most of the shells are inhabited, some by mollusc's but most by hermit crabs. You can see them moving about all over the sand but if you go near them, they retreat back inside their shell & hide. The sand is crisscrossed with all their tracks.

Elena's fear of coming to the Maldives was getting stung by a jellyfish. Luckily we haven't seen any at all & come to think of it we haven't seen any sea weed either? Maybe the water's too warm for it to grow? I digress, poor Elena was bitten by an ant and the bloody thing drew blood! Mind you, the ant was definitely worse off. The flippin things are huge like something out of Honey I Shrunk The Kids! Her poor foot hurt for a good hour afterwards. I have explained to her that when you visit an island teeming with wildlife, unfortunately you have to put up with the good the bad & the ugly (I don't think it helped). At least we don't have any mosquito's, luckily the staff spray the island a couple of times a week to get rid of them :O) This afternoon we went to the top of the jetty to feed the rays. The lads bought a big container of fish, sharpened their knives on a stone & chopped them up. The flesh (we presume) will be used as bate on the night fishing trips & the head, tail & bones will be fed to the rays. The rays flapped & flailed about trying to get up the steps to get at the fish. It was brilliant to see them. Afterwards we pootled over to the coffee shop for tea & biscuits and more 'fish bread'. This time the chef gave Andrew a carrier bag of crusts :O) We strolled over to the bar & sat on the sand waiting for the sun to set.Afterwards, Andrew couldn't resist going back up the jetty to feed the fish. Even over the tree line the sky was beautiful and we could see lots of bats flying about too.After tea me & Elena took the lilos onto the sand and laid on them. There was no moon, it was pitch black and the stars were out in their millions. We gazed up at the sky and laughed and talked for ages. Another perfect end to a perfect day :O)

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