Thursday, April 23, 2009

Superb Saturday

Saturday 11th April

If yesterday was Good Friday, today must be Superb Saturday! I love it here so much. This mornings entertainment was coconut felling. One of the lads put a rope around his feet & climbed the palm tree in front of our bungalow with the ease of you or I walking upstairs. He chopped the bunches of coconuts down & climbed back down again.I found my first sharks tooth today. We were sat in the sea up to our shoulders in beautiful warm water sifting the sand through our fingers and there it was. The sand looks like pale soft brown sugar but when the sun shines on it, it glistens as white as Tate & Lyle's finest. In places it's very coarse & deadly to walk on, a mixture of broken shells & coral. In other places it's as soft & powdery as icing sugar. Today we spotted a cornet fish, he looks like a long tube. We were in the water having a swim & there he was.
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Andrew & Elena had saved some bread from breakfast. They broke it up into crumbs & within minutes were surrounded by fish all eager to get a morsel. Some of them actually took the bread from Andrew's hand ~ wow! I can't believe I'm swimming with the fish ~ me! Usually I run a mile but I think it's because the water is so clear, I can see them properly rather than seeing something move & not knowing what it is lol.

We're still having fun with the toothpick shaker (Andrew's pepper pot). Tonight after we'd eaten tea, I hid it under one of the 3 glasses on the table & mixed them up. I asked Elena which glass it was hiding under. I kept doing it until she was laughing so much she had tears. Hussan the waiter either thinks I'm mad or funny (a fine line if you ask me) but he joined in & said it was magic when Elena picked the right glass for the umpteenth time lol. Hussan calls me Fanta *tuts* but I'll let him off because he has been giving me Maldivian lessons. Today's word is Thaney ~ it means bye.

The sky's a bit clearer tonight & the full moon is shinning on the sea just in front of where we're sat. We can hear a boat's engine somewhere around the jetty & apart from the waves lapping up onto the sand, nothing else. Me & Elena went down to the shoreline to try out the little tripod Andrew bought me for Christmas.I'm really pleased with the results.

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