Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Monday 20th April

Behind the reception desk is a poem hung on the wall saying ...
'Take only photographs, leave only footprints'. Our footprints :O)We had one last dip in the sea
We said goodbye to everyone, including Lassido & Chandana in the bar.
One last look around the room before we leave Walking up the jetty to the seaplane

Not looking forward to the travelling but it will be lovely to see Gemma, Lisa & Liam :O)
The seaplane Views from the seaplane Leaving the seaplaneOn the bus from the seaplane to the airport The view of Male from the bus Male airport Waiting for the plane The start of an 11 hour flight The view from the plane The sunset above the clouds

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Teresa said...

Hi Honeybun!

I have totally enjoyed reading your holiday blog and feel like i have shared your adventures with you :)(but without the pain of sunburn and prickly heat LOL)

The photos are all absolutely brilliant and the colours are so vibrant and make me wish i could go there too. I don't think i'll be booking although i could definately enjoy all the water and wildlife, i know i would just burn to a frazzle as i'm not a sun worshipper!

Sorry to hear your suffering from the holiday blues :( I can understand how leaving such a beautiful place and returning back to work would make you sad {{{{HUGS}}}}

Love you lots

Teresa xxxxxxxx