Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Part Four

I've been at work this afternoon until 8pm and it's nearly killed me lol. I would much prefer to be on the beach or bobbing around in the sea, never mind, onward & upward. While I've been gone Elena has been typing up the blog posts for me. Isn't she a super star :O)

Thursday 9th April.

Andrew & Elena have been snorkeling & I’ve been floating on an airbed around the coral reefs. We’ve seen 3 Picasso fish & some nemo’s. Some surgeon fish (really pretty) & some sergeant major fish which are everywhere. It’s brilliant!

The walk from the beach to the bar is beautiful. The tall palm trees make a canopy over the island like huge umbrella’s sheltering you from the sun.The tropical plants line the walk way and every few yards there are thatched aviary’s full of finches & buggies. I think there are more birds on the island than there are people. There’s a water feature & a bridge made of logs. The ring neck parakeets sit in the trees above watching you walk past with your drinks & the little birds called water hens, run round like road runner along the ground.The staff have swept the beaches & walk ways again this morning so all you can see is sand.Tonight we’ve been joined by a hermit crab & 2 geckos, much to Elena’s amusement.We can hear fruit bats flying about making clicking noises but we’ve yet to see one.

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