Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Island Continued

Good Friday 10th April.

Last night, we were on the jetty after a stroll around the island when the Tesco delivery arrived. Well, the Maldivian equivalent. A boat moored alongside with supplies. Included in the order were bunches of bananas, (I don’t remember ordering them?) One of the things I love about the island is that there are no cars/vehicles of any description, so the lads transport everything by over sized garden centre trolley. The ones with the handles back & front & 2 wheels in the centre. It took 5 of them to push the crates of coke cola from the boat back to the bar.Everyone is in agreement about the best bit of the holiday, the situation of the bungalow, right on the beach. We sit on the veranda just behind the tree line & from the floors edge is pure white sand right down to the turquoise sea, it’s stunning.The worst bit, and again everyone is in agreement, has to be the beds. They are rock hard! A siesta in the afternoon makes up for any lost sleep so it’s not that bad.It was really windy this morning & the sea was rough so we decided to stroll around the island where, to our amazement, the otherside was calm, hot & sunny. (It’s really strange as the island is only as wide as the road we live on?) Andrew and Elena went snorkeling & saw loads of fish, coral & sea sponges. Elena nearly wet herself when she came face to face with a huge eel. They both laughed at the beige/brown fish with spikes on its head. They've called it the Mohican.

This afternoon we finally saw a fruit bat flying over the tree line. It was huge. If it was picked out in a search light you’d think it was something out of bat man film. We’ve seen a shark too. A nursery shark not a huge leg biting creature. Elena wanted to know if there were any primary sharks, middle school sharks or high school sharks lol.

We’ve been in the sea most of the afternoon laughing and talking. It’s so relaxing just floating around watching the fish & the herons. I hadn’t noticed before but from the beach you can see 6 other islands from where we are. It’s dustbin men today. The same over sized garden trolley has been ferrying bin bags & palm leaves etc. up & down the jetty to the Dhobi (Maldivian boat) all day. It looks like hard work for the lads pushing & pulling the cart but it’s still lovely not having any vehicles here.

Afternoon tea beckons & Elena is showered & dressed ready for her crust less sandwiches, biscuits & Typhoo ...It’s a hard life :O)

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