Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celebration Time

Look at this lol. This is the surprise I was telling you about & Liam loved it. It all started off by hanging the Happy Birthday banner, we keep in the drawer, on the bedroom wall and it snowballed from there :O) We sprinkled 21 confetti all over the bed,hung balloons & 21st birthday decorations from the ceiling, tied balloons to the bed head & graffitied all over the wardrobe doors lol.

On Saturday night, Liam's Mum invited us all for a meal at the Poderosa to celebrate Liam's birthday. Liam's 2 sisters, Shannon & Stacey came along with Steve & Sam. Liam had a birthday cake with a photo of himself on the top. Look how cute he was :O) This is all of us :O) Liam (with his pimp stick from Steve lol), Gemma, Matt, Elena, Lisa, Me, Michelle (Liam's Mum), Andrew, Stacey, Steve, Shannon & Sam :O)

Afterwards we went to Emma & David's wedding at Languard Manor. It was great to catch up with everyone including Nichola, Robert & Daniel. Everyone was surprised how grown up Elena looked :O) We were invited to lots of peoples houses and made to feel really welcome. John & Tricia had done Emma proud with all the extra little touches like this evening cake.

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Kerrie said...

The girls look gorgeous your really lucky to have such a lovely family.