Friday, May 15, 2009

Surprise, Surprise.

Goodness me, it's nearly a week since I blogged!

A few things to report :O)

1) Andrew's sister Claire and his nephew & niece, Matthew & Zoe, are coming to visit us at the end of May :O) It will be great to see them although I was just a little bit disappointed that all the things I had planned to do in the Whit holidays have had to be shelved for another day. I'm not moaning really as it will be great to spend some time with them, we really enjoy their company and we're still going to Brighton for Andrew's birthday. So when I said I was a bit disappointed I think it was just me being a grumpy old cow lol.

Andrew & I both agreed that we are getting more & more unsociable as time goes on. We can't work out if it's our age or the jobs we're in. I have a sneaky feeling it's the people (idiots) we deal with on a day to day basis (& of course I don't mean work colleagues). We were sat in the garden on Sunday afternoon when I announced that I would like to buy an uninhabited Island in the Maldives and name it something like Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa but I want the Maldivian name for "sod off and leave us alone" lol.

2) We've decided to go to London for a few days in July with Elena, Lisa & Liam (Gem didn't want to come).

This is the plan so far ...
Day 1
Watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace
Catch the river boat from Westminster Bridge to Blackfriars
Have a tour around Shakespeares Globe Theatre (Me & Lisa's idea)
Catch the river boat from Blackfriars to Tower Bridge
Visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition

Day 2
Visit the Science museum
Go to Regent street and look around Harrods, the Disney shop & the Warner Brothers shop
Go to the theatre to watch Les Miserables

Day 3
Go to the British Museum to look at the Egyptian artifacts (Andrew's idea)
Go to the Tate Modern to find some Pop Art (Elena's idea)

We can get a cheap ferry from work, stay at Lisa's house in Roehampton, by tickets for the river boat, Tower Bridge & Globe theatre using Tesco Clubcard deals and the rest of it is free. Well apart from the Theatre Tickets of course.

3) Elena & I have been busy this week making a surprise for someone but I can't blog about it yet :O) Here's a big clue to who it might be: he helps us all the time with our computers and never complains about it & he picked us up from the car ferry at 4am because we're stuck. Mmmm, can you guess who it is yet?

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Kerrie said...

Hope you are enjoying your busy weekend and that Liam enjoyed his Balloons.
Your mug note was recieved and I think it may have been logged in Tim's brain for future use.