Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Cookie Monster

Elena came back from school today as pleased as punch. She's made this gorgeous box and couldn't wait to show us. She even did the picture on the front. I think it's pretty funky don't you, well done Elena :O) After work we went to Newport to get her some new school shoes. (I hadn't realised, until the other day, quite how awful her old school shoes were ~ woops). It was such a lovely sunny day that we just had to stop on the Downs for an ice cream. Minghella's mint choc chip 99, does it get any better than that lol. We sat in the car looking at the view & giggling about something & nothing like 2 big kids. When we left the view point an ambulance pulled in which set us off laughing again. We wondered if someone had called 999 because they had brain freeze after eating too much icecream?

In Newport we managed to get the school shoes in the first shop we went to. We treated ourselves to a new book each and I bought a new dress in BHS. The same style as the ones I took with me to the Maldives but a different colour. I managed to get Andrew part of his birthday present too so all in all not a bad couple of hours :O)

Last night, we took the bus to Ventnor for repair, so Andrew let us have the car. It was only fair that we pick him up from work. He told me I won't get my beloved bus back for a few days unfortunately because it's very poorly. It needs a new radiator and Eric (the man that can) is having trouble getting hold of one.

And, for no reason at all, I will share with you my bull dog clips from work. I love bull dog clips, they are so strong and keep everything together with no hassle ~ they remind me of Andrew :O)

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Teresa said...

Hi there!

What a fabulous box! Well done Elena! I give you an A* :O)

Crikey! you did really well getting the shoes from the first shop you went into, it takes me forever to buy shoes (must have odd shape feet). I love the dress you bought, will be lovely for the hot weather.

Sorry to hear the bus is ill, fingers crossed you get it back soon.

PMSL@ you comparing Andrew to bulldog clips, what are you like!?

Love Tree xxx