Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Painting, Sky & Bus Leaks

It always makes me smile how an impeding visit from a family member can give us a kick up the bum and get some housework done. (Meaning me of course.) This morning, before work, I decided to paint the bathroom. A little voice in my head, (which sounded a lot like Andrew's) said, for heavens sake, finish painting the dining room before you start something else! I didn't listen lol. The bathroom is all finished now but it could do with a second coat on the back wall. I'll see what it looks like when it's dry. I had some paint left so thought I would paint one of the walls in the dining room just for Andrew :O) I finished with 10 minutes to spare before I started work ~ phew.

We're taking the bus back to the garage tonight because it's sprung a leak! OMG I wonder how much that's going to cost?

Sky is playing up big time at the moment. The girls said it started whilst we were away. Andrew 's rung them up several times and it's still no better. The next step is to get a Sky engineer out but the rob dogs want an arm and a leg to fix it so he's called out a local engineer who will do it for a fraction of the price.

Apart from that we're all fine and dandy.

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Kerrie said...

I'm glad your all fine but I don't know dandy i'm afraid. xxx