Monday, May 18, 2009

Photos from 1999 & 2000

These are some old photos of the girls. What brilliant times we had :O) We were reminiscing a lot when we were at Emma's wedding on Saturday lol.

Gemma would never let me take photos of her, but I will find some from when she was younger and post them on here. Lisa & Emma, Sandown BayNichola, Lisa & Emma on the beach in Sandown Lisa, Emma & Nichola on the beach in SandownElena & Jack in the back garden Jack & Elena, Sandown Carnival Elena & Jack outside the beach hut in Sandown Jack & Jordanna eating Jammie Doggers in the front room Lisa, Dan, Josh Jake & Elena at Blackgang Chine.

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Teresa said...

Awww fab photos, it seems like two minutes ago that they were all that small :O)

Hope everyone is well, we've been a bit busy here, I'll have to update my blog when i get a bit of time.

Love to you all

Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx