Saturday, May 09, 2009

Simply Brilliant

Just had to share :O) I thought I'd come up with a brilliant idea for Andrew's birthday, tickets to see his favourite group, Simply Red, at Osborne House on 2nd August. We then found out it was a 'standing only' venue and poor Andrew's really suffering with arthritis in his legs at the moment so standing still for that length of time would kill him. So then I came up with the idea of taking folding garden chairs and he said yes soooooo I've booked tickets to go & watch Mick ~yay! We've seen him once before at Beaulieu Motor Museum and I have to say he was simply brilliant.

I've also got a trip to Brighton planned for his birthday, to see the magnificent Brighton Pavilion. Something we've wanted to do for a while now.

So all in all things are looking up. There is life after the Maldives after all lol.

I'm also conducting a survey at the moment so any input would be greatfully received.

Q: How many bras do you own?

Liam ~ 24 (PMSL)
Kerri ~ 23
Teresa ~ 21
Andy ~ 12
Emily ~ 10
Gemma ~ 9
Lisa ~ 6
Abby ~6
Katie ~ 5
Elena ~ 5
Vanda ~ 3
Sue ~ 2
Collie ~ 1

What a brilliant afternoon we've had. Andrew & I went for a walk along the old railway from the Golf Club to Langbridge & back. (As I said earlier, Andrew's knees & ankles are really swollen & painful so he didn't want to walk up any steps poor thing.) We were having a lovely walk in the sunshine (although the wind still had a cold bite to it), when Andrew remembered we hadn't put the meat in the oven for tea. We came up with a great alternative. get home, look on the internet to see what time Star Trek was being shown at Cineworld and have a Pizza from Pizza Hut, sorted. And that's just what we did. Star Trek was just fantastic. I suppose you have to like Star Trek to begin with but that was OK because we do :O)


Kerrie said...

Love Star Trek to but The Next Generation is my favorite ( I have got a bit of a thing about Rieker ). Colin prefers Seven of Nine in deep space nine but then who wouldn't: have you seen that cat suit?
LOL at the bras survey but I would like to add a correction in that after i actually counted them, I only have twenty three. Does that make it O.K ?

Teresa said...

Hi Honey!

Sorry not been on for a while but been really busy. I have updated my blog today though, but its only short.

That sounds a fab idea for Andrews birthday, wish i could come too!

Poor old Andrew :O( i hope Arthur Itus leaves him alone soon as he's a total pain isn't he? Has he been to the drs?

I haven't counted my bras yet but i do know i have 7 nursing bras and ai bought 3 new 'normal' ones from M&S the other week. Will have a count up tomorrow for you ;O)

Please send my apologies to liam as i totally forgot his birthday, you'll have to put it down to baby brain! 7weeks and 6 days to go!

Hope everyone is fabby dabby down there with you and give Andrew a big hug from me and wish him better soon.

Lots of love to you all.

Tree xxxxxxxxxxxx

Teresa said...

OK, i've had a count up and i own 21 bras. Although most don't fit. They range from...

38A -when i was at my thinnest (boobs shrink as well as the waistline, unfortunately).

40D - Now I have pregnant lady boobs! (and these are getting too small, may have to move up to 40E soon).

So, what are you going to do with this survey?

Tree xxxxx

Anonymous said...

liam = 24 bras

Kerrie said...

Phew glad you updated the bra info. Now I look perfectly normal with only twenty three!