Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update on what we've been doing.

Andrew's still been working hard in the bathroom and has managed to box the end of the bath in. He's going to tile it so it will look very posh won't it. I'm hoping to get 3 containers that will sit on the top so we can keep deodorant etc. in them. I'd actually prefer a flat screen TV ;O)I wrote a little message on the wall for him because I wasn't going to see him until after 8pm. Everyone's added to it since then which made me laugh :O) I've been practising photographing the flowers because I haven't been out anywhere to photograph anything else. Well unless you count work & I really don't want photos to remind of that place at the moment. I did treat the garden to 2 troughs for the Busy Lizzies. Apart from that I've been going mad printing tonnes of coupons to use in Mr T's as the food bill is costing a fortune at the moment. We were really pleased last week as they saved us £40 odd pounds. I'm so lucky that our Mr T's are so coupon friendly. I'm also lucky having 7 computers/laptops to print from lol. Oh yeah & I fell down the stairs in the middle of the night lol. I was half a sleep at the time. I think I'm so used to going to the bathroom upstairs I forgot what I was doing. What a crack pot!

It's our Silver Wedding Anniversary next week. I can't believe we've been married for nearly 25 years. Where does all the time go? Just look at these lol.


Teresa said...

Wow the bathroom is really looking fab! Well done Andrew!

OMG @ all those coupons! Our store has started taking them again now (new female manager!!) WoooHoooooooo!!!

Congratulations for 25 years of Happy Marriage! (just incase i don't get another chance to tell you) I put a card in the post for you yesterday and i put money in it for you cos i'm not in any fit state to go shopping LOL

If i lived nearer i wouldn't have gone for a traditional silver gift (too predictable) but would have opted for a plant for your garden, something symbolic that grows with lots of love and care and that you could look at for the next 25 years and you could look back and remember when you planted it (oh God!, i'm so soppy, aren't I?)I don't think a plant would have survived the journey from our house to yours so its your job to pick something for yourself (that is, if you like the idea) or you could just put it towards something else you fancy, the choice is yours, but thats what i would have got ;O)

Gonna go make lunch now, no signs of Emily yet but i'd love her to be born on your anniversary!! *crosses fingers*

Love to you all
Teresa xxxxxxxx

Kerrie said...

The bathroom is looking great already. I think you should leave the message on the wall.
The photgraphy is looking good. I to am struggling for subject matter. My cats look at me suspicioulsy when I come towards them now. They will be wanting royalties soon.

Anonymous said...