Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

I'm loving my weekends off (thank you Kerri), and this weekend has been no exception. Yesterday we took time out to escape from the Island to pay a visit to Ikea in Southampton. I love going to the mainland not because I like shopping but because there's so much to see. As we were driving to Cowes we followed a really old lifeboat being pulled along the road by a steam engine. Now that's not something you see everyday is it lol. Andrew hung out the window to take the photo for me :O)

In the Solent we were treated to the Oriana setting sail on it's latest cruise ... The containers on the left of the photo are part of the oil refinery at Fawley, so you can see how big she is!

We also saw the Balmoral sail past. The Balmoral is one of the first Red Funnel ferries and only carried about 4 cars (according to the captain of the Red Jet) and yesterday it was celebrating its Diamond Jubilee. We had a lovely afternoon in Ikea and managed to get quite a few bits and pieces for the new bathroom including a shower organiser or whatever they're called, a metal thing that you stand your shampoo/conditioner on, you know what I mean. Andrew bought some bits for the kitchen too. Elena bought another T-shirt from New Look with one of the £10 gift vouchers I won on pigsback and some pants & a brush from Primark. She took this photo of us.When we got home, interflora had delivered a vase containing the most beautiful flowers and a box of Thorntons chocolates. The little note said to Vanda & Andrew on your Silver Wedding Anniversary, love from Claire, Matthew Zoe & Mum. If you're reading this Claire, thank you so much, they're gorgeous xXx Today we did our weekly shop in Tesco. We split the shopping in half, I did one shop, Andrew did the other. We both used loads of coupons. I got my shopping down from £69 to £21 and even the lad on the till was laughing at the bargain price. Andrew got nearly £50 off his shopping too but had a bit of a problem when 2 of the £5 off coupons wouldn't go through. The lad called the Supervisor over and she told Andrew he couldn't use them. He did no more than go to the customer service desk and tell them what had happened and got an apology & his money back. I'm so proud of him. So what we spent yesterday we saved today, I don't feel so bad now for spending the money on the mainland :O)

Elena went to Newport with her friends. She came back with a present for me & Andrew. I love helium balloons, thank you Elena it's wonderful xXx

This afternoon Andrew spent his last £10 gift voucher from his birthday in the garden centre on some plants for the tubs outside the back door. They had a sale on so we ended up with loads of bedding plants. When we got back Andrew carried on tiling the bathroom & I did some gardening.

Tonight we had an Indian take away with Gemma, Matt, Lisa, Liam, Elena & Sam. We all watched Top Gear whilst we ate it, what a brilliant end to another wonderful weekend.


Elena said...

You're strolling down life's pathway
Walking hand in hand together
A truly loving couple
Two hearts entwined forever

Happy Anniversary

Love you both

Kerrie said...

Hi, I am so glad that you are enjoying your weekends and that you all had a good time at IKEA. Tell Andrew not to hang out of the car window like that, it does nothing for your hair. Hope you both had the best anniversary and I hope you found my card and cake. You won't be sharing the cake around due to size issues. Love you, see you Thursdayxxx