Thursday, August 06, 2009


I have wonderful friends :O) I received a package from my bestest friend in the whole world the other day. Look what she sent me, a gorgeous picture of Emily. Believe it or not she's only a day old in this one. Isn't she gorgeous. Thank you Teresa xXxThe best news is I might even be able to see her in person in September *grin* I can't wait :O)

My other bestest friend Kerri, asked me to feed her cats whilst her & Mr Colin went away for a few days. When I got there these were waiting for me, aren't they lovely. I wish we had smelly vision because the sweet peas smell divine. Thanks Kerri xXx

I think Elena's been a bit bored during the holidays lol. Look what I found in the fridge when I came home from work. They "cracked" me up :O) I think she's been coping on her own. She's been doing a lot of baking and the biscuits & cakes have been gorgeous. She's been fancying trying her hand at cupcakes when she saw these on Amanda Magpie's site, Manchester Tarts.

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Kerrie said...

Emily is a sweetie. Glad you liked the sweet peas. I am sure Elena's cakes are gorgeous but that one does look a bit like a cow pat.