Friday, October 09, 2009

Middle Age Spread

My best friend & work colleague Kerri, the one who keeps me sane & shares in my insanity has just come home from her holidays. I have missed her loads but can also sympathise about her holiday blues. Nevertheless I was so chuffed yesterday when she gave me some middle age spread :O)

Lisa you have such a dirty mind, I just don't know who you take after ???

Here's my Middle Age Spread. Bought all the way back from Wenslydale in Yorkshire, the home of Wallace & Gromit (I love Wallace & Gromit).Thank you Kerri xXx

Yesterday was such a beautiful day after 2 days of rain. The sun was shinning, it was lovely & warm & the sky was blue.


Kerrie said...

Glad you loved the Middle Aged you just have to think of places to spread it....

elena said...

hi mum do u think u can do an appointment for my hair (any day ur of and after school) please.
also don't forget to phone the school. love u lots. and enjoy ur middle aged spread!