Saturday, March 13, 2010


Guess what came in the post today :O) The theme park tickets for Orlando!! Yay!! I've got a lovely little collection going at the moment with my map & guide book. I just need to sort out a picture of Mickey to put on my desk at work to remind me not to strangle the holiday makers lol. Then I'm sorted. Only 220 days, 11 hours & 31 minutes to go :O)

Lisa & Liam went to the Chav Bop at Uni this weekend. How funny do they look. Thank God they are not real Chavs :O)

Me & Andrew haven't been up to much really. Went for a walk across the sea front in an effort to get fit. At least it wasn't as cold as last weekend. Flip me I thought my face muscles weren't going to thaw out! Today the sun was shinning but it still wasn't warm enough for an ice cream.

I'm really looking forward to my birthday on Friday. Sam's going to sleep over on Thursday night and the 4 of us (Sam, Elena, Me & Andrew) are going to travel up to London on Friday to see Lisa & Liam. Then down to Covent Garden for a slap up meal in the Bella Italia & an evening of entertainment at the Lyceum care of the Lion King. What more could you ask for a birthday present :O)

Sorry for repeating myself but I'm excited :O)

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