Sunday, March 07, 2010

What A Great Weekend :O)

I picked Lisa & Liam up from the Catamaran on Thursday evening, it was so lovely to see them. This is what greeted her when we arrived home :O) On Friday we all went out to the Ponda Rosa for tea to celebrate Lisa's 21st birthday. We always have a good time there. Lisa & the boys went to Boggies afterwards with their friends. Saturday was a chill out day after a jaunt around Tesco.

Sunday we all went for a walk down to Sandown pier & nearly froze to death lol. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine but the wind was so cold!! We ended up in the cafe for a Latte to thaw out & then walked back home. In the evening we went to the Indian in Shanklin to celebrate Gemma's birthday. They do a special banquet for £8.95 & what a banquet it was. I don't think I've ever seen as much food. It was brilliant, we will definitely be going there again :O)

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Kerrie said...

Do you not think the frizby was a bit optimistic considering the temperature.