Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Project

Andrew's embarking on a new DIY project. Just a small one. He is going to take off the conservatory roof & put a proper tiled one on instead. Why? Because conservatories in Britain are pants. They are much too cold in winter & bake you alive in summer. So even though it was one of the first jobs we tackled back in the really hot summer of 1991, it's going!

The previous owner decided to add a 'lean to' kitchen which was the most stupid thing in the world. The top half of the building was glass and when the sun hit it at midday it was like an oven before you even began cooking. We had to cover the stainless steal sink with tea towels to stop the reflection of the sun burning holes in your retinas lol. If you left the butter out it would turn to a puddle of fat within minutes! A conservatory was the answer, or so we thought. Andrew did an amazing job but unfortunately we've never used it. So, the plan ...

1) replace the roof & put in a couple of velux roof windows for light. 2) take out the double doors & windows between the dining room & conservatory to make one big room. 3) take out the horrible gas fire ... yipee! 4) Insert a flat screen TV in the chimney breast.
5) decorate it & have more chairs/sofas in there than the front room, so we can ALL sit down when we have visitors.

The downside (and there's always a downside), Andrew's making the house so wonderful that our long term plan of selling it to move into something smaller may never happen lol. The profit was going to fund our trip around America when Andrew retires. May have to find some very old rich relatives to befriend instead ;O)

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Kerrie said...

Well I never knew about your planned retirement trip around America.
As for all that work. I think I need a sit down just thinking about it.