Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Stuff

Summer's here!!! So here are some random photos we've been taking.

Andrew's home made Gingerbread men that ended up legless the next day! (Goodness knows what they've been drinking). Flowers in the garden & Andrews new hosepipe. Liam's birthday present from Sam! Can't wait to try it :O) Liam says he's opening it when we sit down to watch the new season of True Blood! (Apologies for the quality of the photo) Godshill yesterday with Andrew & Elena. Me & Elena found the gnomes hilarious. They all seemed to have lost one of their balls & then we found them. Some sick devil had threaded them on a piece of string & hung them up! lol. Guess what this reminded me of ... ... farmville! I'm not addicted ... honest ;O)

Andrew's birthday present. A new 42" flat screen TV.

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Lozza said...

Loving ur telly ur feelin happier now xx