Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm A Lady ....

... of Leisure!

I am officially a lady of leisure. I don't start my new job until 8 November :O) I'm not 'out of work' exactly, I am just taking all my holidays in lieu of notice.

I've been busy packing for our forthcoming trip to Florida. Andrew's easy, he lives in shorts & T-shirts. I'm not too bad although I have to pack cardigans etc. because I'm nesh! I had a dream the other night (well more like a nightmare). I dreamt I had forgotten my camera!!! Nothing else seemed to matter in this dream apart from this flippin' camera ... weird!

We spent the weekend painting the dining room. We've painted the walls 'duck egg blue' with a darker hue on the fireplace wall. I'm not sure about it at all. Sometimes I think it's lovely and sometimes I don't. I think I'm so used to looking at white walls that colour freaks me out :O) I'm sure there's something not quite right about what we've done but unless Ann Maurice is going to pay us a visit and tell us what it is, we are never going to fathom it out. I'll reserve judgement.

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Gemma said...

Mum, the dining room looks beautiful. Don't forget that the front room isn't white either and that looks really nice you've also got used to the dining room being white, so it's going to be differnt.

It'll lokok gorgeous once the carpets are down, tv in, curatins, ornaments and those lights ;D. Don't worry chuck it'll be lovely.

Love ya, see ya soon :D xxx