Monday, October 25, 2010

Typhoon Lagoon

Saturday 23rd October

Today was a rest & relaxation day at Typhoon Lagoon. We got there just before it opened at 10am and had no trouble finding a seat. We started off in the wave pool
& then progressed to my favourite, castaway creek, the longest, prettiest, lazy river I've ever been on. It was just like being back in Jamaica. The water was lovely & warm, the scenery was gorgeous and it was just so relaxing floating around the park on a rubber ring (or a tube, as the Americans call it).
Had hot dogs & chips for lunch which turned out to be quite a surprise when we got it, the chips were crisps! Silly me forgot they call them fries over here & not chips lol. For pudding we shared a huge bowl of fresh fruit ... pineapple, Florida orange segments, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, mango etc. It was gorgeous & made us feel so much better about eating the hot dogs. After lunch we hit the slides. First was gang plank falls (you just have to love the names don't you), a 300ft long water slide that up to 4 people can slide down in a giant rubber raft.
Feeling really brave we went on Crush & Gusher. A water slide for 2 people that pushes you up hill as well as dropping you down the slide. I was fine until I saw the first drop (I'm a drop-o-phobe of the first order), but persuaded on by the cast member who assured me it "wasn't that bad" & Gemma my partner for the ride, I took the plunge. OMG it was horrible, never again lol. I was like a lump of jelly when I reached the bottom which Gem found highly amusing. I couldn't even get my legs to work to climb out of the ring, so Gemma helped me by tipping me upside down into the water. And here's me thinking she was my friend lol. It was funny after you got over the shock. Elena & Andrew went snorkelling at shark reef while Gemma & I watched them from the safety of the submarine.
Had another swim around the wave pool and a laugh trying to stand up when the tidal wave hit.
Tea was at Bahama Breeze, a Caribbean restaurant.
The food was delicious. Andrew tried Grits with prawns, we had never heard of it before. I didn't like it but Andrew thought it ws OK.
My Jerk chicken in a mango sauce was amazing :O)

Today's weather ... hot, hot, hot with a maximum of 30 degrees, it doesn't get any better than this!

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K said...

You poor drop o phobe. You almost had me feeling sorry for you but then I rememberd you were in Florida having the time of your life and then I suddenly lost all sympathy.