Friday, November 05, 2010

Shuttle Launch

Monday 1st November

We were really disappointed today as, a few weeks ago, there was a shuttle launch planned at Cape Canaveral. On the internet last night it said it had been delayed for a few days, so unfortunately we won't get to see it. This called for a change of plan so Universal Studios was decided upon. Not in the league of 'once in a lifetime events' but still better than being at home in cold grey England.

At the entrance a very nice man asked if we could take his photo and in return he would take one of use with the famous Universal Globe in the background. Of course we obliged :O)
1st Stop, Hollywood's Rip Ride Rocket!
Someone had to stay on the ground to take photos, so I volunteered again. I'm good like that :O) It's one of those rides where you can choose your own music. Andrew made us laugh, he chose 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor lol.
We tried a corn dog! A deep fried sausage covered in what can only be described as doughnut batter ... very healthy! We wouldn't have another.
The brave ones went on 2 more rides, Twister & the Mummy.
And then it was into the Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlour to cool down.
Ben & Jerry's is our favourite ice cream & it didn't disappoint ... yum yum!
Round the corner was the train from Back to the Future and then we waited for the Blues Brothers show to start. It was fantastic. We were all stood up in the street clapping and dancing along to the music. It was my favourite part of the day :O)
The boys arrived in style too.
We made our way to Jaws stopping on the way to watch Beetle Juice. Sort of wished we hadn't lol, but it meant half an hour sit down in the shade so couldn't complain.
Look at Andrew's face. Don't think he was too impressed with Beetle Juice either lol.
Jaws was a bit pants but it's one of those things you have to do when you visit Universal. I was surprised that Elena had never seen the film. Weird what you learn.
Made it round to The Simpsons just as the sun started going down.
Had a quick spin round Men in Black before the park closed and then we went back to Olive Garden for another amazing meal.
Weather ... 28 degrees again today, can you believe it can be this nice in November!

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